W​hat is the correct dosage for Vegemite?

G​et it wrong, and you’ll likely ruin forever what can be the perfect addition to your morning toast

2y ago

Vegemite. Typically a “Love it or hate it” proposition. Much like Marmite, Branston Pickle, or IPA, it’s an acquired taste, albeit one that requires grooming the palette a certain way, or at least the proper introduction. Or a masochist penchant.

Sometimes, when I meet someone from overseas (usually from the United States), and the topic of food arises, the subject of the matter sometimes gravitates to Vegemite - as though our national dish is the mysterious the black paste. The people with whom I speak often visibly recoil, and they cringe so hard, their faces almost fold in half.

“That stuff is so awful,” they’ll remark, usually before a hard swallow, as though they’re trying to descend the actual memory of the stuff from their brain, and into their stomach so that it can be forgotten forever.

I have this notion that the rejection of Vegemite does hinge on the initial experience with the stuff. If administered with the proper dosage, it can complement the toast to make a nice addition to breakfast. Get the milligrams wrong, and you’ll see faces implode as the mouth tries to figure out exactly what creation has been put into it.

The above image was taken at the Lyndoch Hill Restaurant in the Barossa Valley, South Australia. A recent stay with the Restaurant/Motel provided a breakfast for guests, upon which the tiny dishes provided the perfect brown dab of Vegemite for precisely two slices of toast.

However, Vegemite has a handy balancing team-mate in butter, which Lyndoch Hill was also happy to provide (also pictured).

So, if you ever have the opportunity to experience Vegemite, note the above dosage requirements, usually for people ages 4 and up. It’s not dangerous to offer it to anyone younger, although the faces that smaller humans can make are amusing, but only until they make the noises of objection.

But they’ll get used to it, eventually. If they start acquiring the taste early enough, they’ll build up the immunity to any overdose.

(I am also aware that the photo above has a coffee in a teacup. It was only used because it was prettier than the coffee cups. According to my wife.)

The v​iew from Lyndoch Hill - the best source of Vegemite portions I have found, to date.

The v​iew from Lyndoch Hill - the best source of Vegemite portions I have found, to date.

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Comments (3)

  • What pussies that is not enough vege for 1/2 a slice of toast .. thats like asking jimmy barnes to whisper his tunes or angry anderson to wear opaque shirts so tatts arent as noticeable. Cmon guys if that is all you can tollerate in a portion of vegemite best leave it in the jar for those that really appreciate its unique taste. Regards Rob

      2 years ago
  • None.

    But yes, if you must, don't treat it like peanut butter.

      2 years ago