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What is the most versatile food?

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  • Potatoes :D

      9 months ago
  • I really fins lemona versatile as well - I use the juice, the zest, I grill them, I preserve them - so many uses:)

      9 months ago
  • Potatoes are just like pumpkins awesome! I dig potatoes šŸ’•

      9 months ago
    • Like pumpkins? I would have never though of that šŸ˜‚ but yes!!! Potatoeees!!

        9 months ago
    • Everything you can make out of potatoes you can make out of pumpkins as well.

      My pumpkin-potato-muffins are yummy and pumpkin bread is delicious as well as potato bread is... sorry Iā€™m getting excited šŸ˜†

        9 months ago