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What is the secret to be the best baker at home?

In my childhood, I was lucky to have a grandpa who was an excellent baker. I grew up watching him making hundreds of pastries.

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Watching Hell's kitchen and any TV programs with Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay doesnt' mean you could learn to cook with pleasure. I spent my childhood in a bakery when my grandfather was creating pastries and other chocolate stuff. I saw him making basic vienoisseries or elaborated cakes and any delicious pastries and candies which were exhibited in his bakery. I don't mention I was a lucky little girl in that world where we tasted his creations. At home, he cooked so well with his glass of red wine beside him.

Cooking is a love affair (© Aurelie Saboureau).

Cooking is a love affair (© Aurelie Saboureau).

When he passed away, we (re)discovered all of his hidden cooking tools and recipes in his garage. I was a student whithout any money at that time. How I could manage to learn what were his secrets to make great desserts or pastries for my partner or my friends for instance? Then I knew the only secret he had was the love of cooking. You don't need to have sophisticated tools or spend hours to read a cooking book following the recipe like a robot. Just cook whit love. The recipe is simple isn't it? Moreover, cooking is the best way to discover what you eat and how your meals can be healthy when you know what are all the ingredients inside. Your garden can be your best friend too. You save the planet if you choose organic vegetables.

(© Aurelie Saboureau)

(© Aurelie Saboureau)

The TV shows help to be inspired with new ways to cook. You don't need to be Gordon Ramsay at all. Just hearing my family or my friends tell me my English scones or my French biscuits are really delicious is the best thing I can have in life. I cook with love. It's the only secret ingredient you need to have to be a great chef at home. Bon appétit...

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