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what is your favourite breakfast during quarantine?

My favourite breakfast during quarantine

49w ago

Poha or Flattened Rice (also known as Beaten Rice) is one of the popular dishes eaten in India for breakfast.

Apart from India, it is also eaten in adjoining countries of India like Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Every region of India has its own version of cooking Poha.

It is said to originate in the Western Peninsular Region of India i.e Maharashtra. Poha is a light, nutritious snack that can be easily seen selling on a roadside tea stall. It is usually eaten with a cup of Tea. It is basically a form of raw rice.

Roadside tea stall selling Poha (but Poha is not visible)

Roadside tea stall selling Poha (but Poha is not visible)

Poha provides energy, iron, and carbohydrates and has a low gluten level. Poha is considered suitable for people with diabetics, as it is rich in fibre, Poha promotes a steady release of sugar in the bloodstream, preventing a spike in sugar level in the body.

Poha is low in calories. One bowl of Poha contains approximately 250 calories along with other nutrients.

Poha takes very little time to cook which I consider the significant benefit of it. It is usually served with kadi patta (curry Leaves), onions, peanuts, lemon and sev (fried spicy-salty chickpea batter). In many regions Poha is also eaten with jaggery, sometimes it is also embodied with some dry fruits

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