What makes a great salad?

My roasted beet salad is a crowd pleaser

39w ago

Comfort food has been my go-to meal recently. I have a soft spot for fresh baked bread and sweets. The time has come, however, to get back to eating good food that is also good for me. I took a trip to my local farmers market, practicing social distancing of course, to pick out some tasty vegetables. Looking around the market, I decided that a salad was in order. I like to pick out a mixture of color and texture for my salad.

Just because it's easy doesn't mean it can't be a an enjoyable experience. It's not enough to make a decent salad; let's make a great salad every time!

Follow this simple formula to compose the perfect salad. Enjoy.

Here's the basics:

Fresh greens: I like to have a mix of color and texture.

Dressing: Keep it simple and let the vegetables be the star of the show.

Crunchies: seeds, nuts, croutons, granola, etc.

Optional: meat, cheese, dried fruit, roasted vegetables, pickled vegetables, etc.

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Simple, fun, delicious

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Comments (5)

  • I love a good salad!

      9 months ago
  • I'm a fat lad and I love salad. I actually blame it for making me fat.

      8 months ago
  • Sweet cherry tomatoes peppers cucumber coleslaw iceberg lettuce baked potato cheese and Branston Pickle . Add meat like chicken. Beetroot balls I recommend Baxter’s of Speyside .

      8 months ago
  • a food processor.

    A food processor makes a good salad.

    I've seen one on the tellingvision.

      8 months ago