What makes your perfect charcuterie platter?

Are there certain things you need or don't need?

Jane Fyffe posted in Meat
1w ago

When I decided to do this I went to John Coleman and asked him what I should get. He started typing up a list at lightening speed of all the things to make my platter complete and of course as to be expected I cannot get everything he has listed but I think I have done fairly well.


I was told to get a hard cheese and a soft cheese. So for the soft I went with a double cream brie, as for the other cheeses I have chosen a farmhouse cheddar, sharp cheddar and an herb crusted mozzarella.

Cured meats

For the meats I have prosciutto, soppapresso and Genoa salami. These were some very delicious choices.

Fruits and Nuts

I have some seedless white and red grapes. There are also some raw almonds and lightly salted cashews. A few cherry tomatoes as well.

Pickles and Olives

I had some Kalamata olives and some Manzella olives stuffed with pimentos. There were some sweet gherkins and some onions I pickled in red wine vinegar.

Breads and crackers

There were slices of a French baguette and some everything crackers.

So FoodTribe, what are your choices for your perfect charcuterie platter?

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  • For me, provolone cheese is a must, prosciutto, mortadella, triple smoked ham of the bone, any olives and crusty fresh Italian bread….soppressa too perhaps

      10 days ago
  • Very nice but don't forget the blue cheese, and chutney 😀

      10 days ago
  • Nice choices!

      10 days ago
  • Very nice!

      10 days ago
  • I think yours is just fine but I agree with adding some blue cheese.

      9 days ago