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What music do you listen to when cooking?

I need ideas for a radio show and I'm calling on you lot to help me!

1y ago

I want your food related songs, cooking related songs, and songs you like to listen to when cooking. Songs with ingredients in the title like Brown Sugar are great, but I want a global mix, anything from where you're from would be epic. If you're lucky, I'll be playing your suggestions on my show on Tuesday morning, from 7-9am (GMT) on University Radio Nottingham. I'll scour the comments and pull together a massive playlist of all your songs, and put the link up here once done. So get commenting Foodtribers, I want to know if you like some Chopin when you choppin', some Rolling Stones for roasting, Back Street Boys for baking or Meatloaf for... well making meatloaf I guess?

And for the sake of it, here's some photos of me doing radio things.

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