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    27w ago


    What pepper do you use for heat?
    • Cayenne
    • Jalapeno
    • Habanero
    • Reaper
    • Other. Let me know in the comments.

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    Comments (19)

    • Jalapeno,Habanero or just regular Chili. We add once habanero to our homemade pickles...by accident😳 but still tasty 😂😳

        6 months ago
    • Cayenne for flavor and ghost for heat!

        6 months ago
    • Depending on what the dish is and availability: green hatch, Anaheim or jalapeños. I also use different chili powders like Chile de Arból

        6 months ago
      • Understandable. We have a bag of chilies de arbot as well.

          6 months ago
    • I usually use Cayenne or Chipotle. I don’t mind hot and spicy, but it doesn’t always like me those two I prefer.

        6 months ago
    • I am insane Doug.

        6 months ago