W​hat style of beer are you?

1y ago

What kind og beer styles fits your personality? Let's find out now! All you have to do is answer these highly (really not) scientific questions. "Beerfore" you start know that this personality test is solely meant for entertainment purposes and no beers were harmed during the making of it.

Beyoncé, Bach o​r Bon Iver?

  • Beyoncé
  • Bach
  • Bon Iver

What book will you most likely read next?

  • Dan Brown: The Da Vinci Code
  • J​ames May's "The Airfix Handbook"
  • I​ have no time for books as I will be queuing 48 hours outside my local craft beer bar with my friends this weekend for a new Lambic beer release

W​hats on your pizza?

  • Ham, cheese and tomato sauce. That's it.
  • Smoked Icelandic reindeer carpaccio, fermented buckthorn with freshly foraged ramsons on top
  • Pizza? No thanks, I'll have a Haggis!

What does the inside of your house smell of?

  • Cigars, old books, black coffee and Islay whisky
  • Of the party a threw for my 50 best friends last night!
  • Fresh brewed organic french press coffee, Citra hops and new sneakers

W​hat's playing next?

  • The latest season of Chef's Table
  • T​iger King (Netflix)
  • I don't have a TV I​ listen to BBC Radio 4

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