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What to do with tasteless strawberries

I was so disappointed with the strawberries I bought yesterday, so I came up with a solution.

1y ago

I simply couldn't believe how horrible the strawberries were that I bought yesterday. They were under ripe and had been badly stored and yet I could not wait for them to ripen as they started to rot this morning. I know I could have taken them back for a refund, but the store would then just throw them away and I hate wasting food.

So, I sprinkled them with caster sugar and put them in the fridge in an airtight jar.

This will soften them and create strawberry juice making them perfect for yoghurt toppings this week.

If you wanted to use them as an ice cream topping instead, you could put in a bit of your favourite liquor too.

What do you do when this happens?

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Comments (3)

  • You can put that on a piece of angel food cake as well.

      1 year ago
    • Yes thats a good idea and scones with jam and cream - very British

        1 year ago
    • you could cook it up like jam and have it on pancakes! Or French toast!

        1 year ago