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What to eat when you can't open your mouth

And more importatly, how to do it.

1y ago

Okay so, I've been injured before. An arm, a leg… But never the face, that's the money maker. Last Friday though, I was injured just under the nose and even though it's just a small cut (3 stitches) it's very, very uncomfortable and I'm having a hard time eating because I can't open my mouth enough to even put a spoon in. That means I had to be creative about what I eat and how I eat it so, if any like this happens to you in the future (let's hope it doesn't) you can use my very unprofessional research.

If it fits in the blender, go for it.

You can make vegetable purées, an example of that it's spinach cream. Lots of nutrients to compensate for all the antibiotics or general medicine that you will be taking. Once you have used the blender longer than you have in years, it's time to eat. My first choice was a normal size spoon. That was stupid. Use little deserts spoons to feed yourself, plus it will feel like you are eating twice the food that is in the plate.

Smoothies are also a good healthy choice, pick fruits of the same colour, add milk and there you have it.


It's the middle of the evening, you fancy cheese with ham (or grilled cheese) sandwich. This is tricky because the loaf of bread it's square but here it's how Geometry will help you for once since primary school. Take a knife and divide your sandwich into long rectangles that actually fit your mouth as you can see below on my very specific Paint drawing:

Keep in mind that I'm under the influence of a lot of medicine so some of the stuff you just read won't make any sense.

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Comments (5)

  • I wish you a speedy recovery!

      1 year ago
  • My dad broke his jaw in a car accident years back, and his indeed was the juicing life. For 6 weeks.

    Hope you're back to swallowing double beef patty burgers soon, Aaron.

      1 year ago
  • Get well soon! And straw for that smoothie

      1 year ago