WHAT?! Turkey Burgers?

I still prefer real beef but this will do.

1y ago

Hands down, one of my favorite meals is a beefy cheeseburger with all of the fixings. Unfortunately, I’m aging and cheeseburgers aren’t that good for me. Well, they are good for me in that they make me VERY happy, but as far as healthiness and cholesterol is concerned…

…I guess I can’t actually just drink more alcohol to thin out my blood.

While it doesn’t fully recreate the experience of a real cheeseburger, ground turkey does provide an almost acceptable substitute. Honestly, it doesn’t make for an awesome cheeseburger, but a turkey burger makes for an okay meal on a weeknight.

I don’t actually make these from any recipe, but I measured out what I used for the purposes of writing the article over a www.goodfoodbadfood.blog; just in case anybody wants to try something similar.

To check out more on the turkey burgers, check out: goodfoodbadfood.blog/2019/12/19/what-turkey-burger/

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  • With a homemade turkey patty I prefer Cavenders greek seasoning and dried minced onion. Especially the onion it will help keep moisture in the patty.

      1 year ago