What will you bake in lockdown 3?

It’s an overdue farewell to the dreaded banana bread.

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As the pundits hurl speculation that the UK’s third COVID-19 lockdown in 12 months is likely to last until the end of March two very important issues of concern have cropped up.

The first is how we are all going to avoid doing so much exercise this time around. During the first lockdown there was an abundance of enthusiasm for Joe Wicks and his sweaty mornings, but the January drizzle and mountains of mud do little to stir up winter wonderment.

The second point is far more critical: we must ensure the destruction of banana bread. No longer can this culinary menace be allowed to reign chaos over our lives. I’d even opt for a broccoli doughnut over the revolting bread, but thankfully cake researchers (my life aim is to achieve that title) have identified some probable contenders for the revolution.

According to supermarket stalwart Waitrose, data collected from searches on its website shows that the popularity of goodies such as pancakes, Victoria sponges and custard tarts have ballooned over the past few weeks.

Pancakes have seen a 148% increase in demand compared to last year thanks to customers lusting over the sweet and syrupy delights that can provide the perfect indulgence for any meal or snack (I’d recommend eating nothing else ever again – there are no rules in a lockdown, right?)

Apparently thanks to Great British Bake Off contestant Martha Collinson, searches of Waitrose’s rhubarb and custard tartlets surged by 25% in recent weeks. Maybe everyone was confusing them with gin.

However, the top contender for leader of home baking in the third lockdown is the traditional Victoria sponge. Harnessing a rise of 64% since the start of January and 1,835% compared to the same time last year, the typical jam-and-cream beauty is likely to see flour flung around thousands of kitchens across the country. Let’s hope it takes out a few banana breads along the way.

What treats will you be serving up during lockdown 3.0?

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Comments (47)

  • If I can get hold of some scales I might make some chelsea buns

      12 days ago
  • I'm still wanting to do a Victoria sponge, thinking about a cherry pie and perhaps a cookie tree.

      12 days ago
    • You could mix them all together and amaze the world...

        11 days ago
    • 🤔 cherry pie as the middle layer of the Victoria sponge with a cookie tree topper....

        11 days ago
  • I am thinking about bread. I haven't done it yet.

      12 days ago
  • I've been fully inspired to give doughnuts a go after 's excellent post! And I've got a few maple syrup treats I need to try as well...

      11 days ago
    • Yeeeeees! 💪🏻💪🏻🥳🥳😂😂 Can't wait to see the result! It's gonna be awesome!

        11 days ago
    • hahaha I think you have more confidence in me than I have in myself 😂😂!!

        11 days ago
  • My only baking concern is.. who’s gonna EAT all those baked goods? I baked one cake each week during 1st lockdown — and subsequently put on 4 kilos during two and a half month. So what about it? 🧐

      11 days ago
    • This is exactly my problem... Plus it's far easier to eat stuff other people have made

        11 days ago
    • ...one could break down the recipes into serves-one-person-amounts though... what do you think?

        11 days ago