W​hat would be the perfect pet for you? Share your thoughts, as I share my own!

A​t some point, whether you have pets or not, everyone has wondered what would be the perfect pet just for them. Here is my dream pet:

Kimi M posted in Pets
36w ago

A​fter watching an old TV series with my family (had time to kill in lockdown), I saw a breed of dog which I instantly fell in love with. On “All Creatures Great And Small”, in the first series and volume there is a Pekingese called Tricki Woo - long white fur and lives the luxury lifestyle with a posh lady, who treats her dog like a royal child.

“​Look at it’s cute face!” We cry as our hearts melt!

“​Look at it’s cute face!” We cry as our hearts melt!

S​o I got thinking....

I​ found this Pekingese so cute and I couldn‘t help thinking “I would love to have a Pekingese, just like Tricki Woo!” Personally the name choice wasn’t exactly to my immediate liking, but that was no problem, I thought. I would love to call this dog an iconic name, something different yet not entirely strange or anything!

E​very pet has a story behind it, even if it’s a dream pet!

“​How about... Bim!” I thought, “It’s iconic, and it’s kind of cute!” Naming a dog after James May would be very cool (perhaps more appropriate if it was a spaniel?) ”What if, it was a black and white Pekingese instead, and then it’d sort of be like Robohon. Now that’d be quite cool, and a story to tell at that. That is where I got very excited and made it definite that at some point, I will get a Pekingese!

S​o, it’s over to you! What would be your perfect pet? Comment below!

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Comments (6)

  • This is food tribe. I don't eat pets 😭

      8 months ago
  • Haha you need to get the dog and call it Bim

      8 months ago
  • I thought you were a cat person?

      7 months ago
    • Yes but I love Pekingese dogs as well for some reason, they are really cute! Also calling it Bim would be a bonus! 😂

        7 months ago