What would you give up to keep to your target weight?

You wouldn't believe what some people are willing to wave goodbye to!

1y ago

It seems we are all setting targets with our bodies and striving to better ourselves, whatever you consider 'better' to be.

There is no doubt about it, January is the time for repenting for the month-long feast of December, as my local gym will absolutely attest! So it's a good job we have a designated date to make such resolutions. How are you getting on with yours?

Life Time, the USA's premier healthy lifestyle brand, took a chance to catch up with some of its clientele to see just how hard they were chasing their goals this month and just what they would be willing to sacrifice to get there.

Thousands were asked a series of questions about what got them going and kept them motivated and what they would be willing to give up to get in shape and stay there.

The majority of people said they were most motivated by the health benefits of staying fit and healthy, which is good to hear. 30% were trying to lose weight in an effort to improve self image, which is good if you believe that looking good is feeling good.

Almost all those asked said they felt that working out had a positive impact on their mental health and that they used it to help relieve stress. Nearly half (47%) of respondents enjoyed the social aspects of working out, with most opting to exercise with at least one other person.

Interestingly, almost half of those asked said they would be willing to give up pizza or alcohol, FOREVER, if it meant they could get to their goal and stay there!

Alcohol I can understand, but pizza? Come on!

11% said they would forego caffeine so stay permanently in shape, while 1.5% said they would be willing to completely give up sex!

Also, nearly a fifth of people (19%) – who will hereby be known as 'those after my own heart' – weren't willing to give up anything at all! Everything in moderation and all that!

What would you sacrifice to stay in shape? How important is it to you?

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Comments (9)

  • We're all in shape. Shape of humans, with different body types and metabolisms. :)

      1 year ago
  • I could give up alcohol, now that my state has legalized pot. I've been married a long time so the sex question may be moot. I could give up coffee, tea would be harder but a life without a Coca-Cola is hell on Earth. Pizza? Fuhgedditaboudit

      1 year ago
  • I wouldn't give up a herb garden.

    This book was written by a late friend of mine.

    It's a fresh start to many things.

    I reckon Jeremys new farm needs a big herb garden, and a big nursery / horticulture section.

    James Mays bunker needs an indoor herb garden too, I think.

    Richards farm is quite established, So I guess he has a good herb garden too ?

    The 3 sages .

      1 year ago
  • I couldn't care less what my weight is as long as I feel well

      1 year ago
  • The healthiest I've ever been ,was when I was a teenager. I played a lot of tennis and cricket and I love athletics, from 100m to marathons .

    Mum fed us on a very high carb, high veg, high chocolate brownie and low protein diet.

    Th second healthiest I've been was in my early 30s, when I developed a market garden.

    We walked to the garden, picking mangos , macadamia nuts, passion fruit, tamarind, mulberries, rosemary, lemons and paw paws.

    We did 1/2 hour of garden tending, then cooked a variety of vegetarian/ vegan lunches, from pesto and pasta, to hot chips, fruit salad to veg pizza.

    A mate ran tofu making workshops.

    We ate a lot of fresh greens and herbs, amaranth seeds, and refreshed ourselves with lemongrass and mint tea.

    Another chap made organic herbed soaps.

    We trialed " zero sugar diets ", and everyone tried sauerkraut , kefir yogurt, and Jalna Biodynamic low sugar yoghurt.

    We had our own cricket pitch , high production edible plant nursery, and loads of sunflowers, so that we could add seeds to the salads .

    Australia is a gardeners paradise.

      1 year ago