What’s Jeremy Clarkson up to on his farm?

We’re diggin’ it

By now, most people know Jeremy Clarkson has bought himself a farm. If you didn’t know that already, you do now, or you can find out more when his show, ‘I Bought the Farm’ airs on Amazon Prime sometime this year.

The series will follow his attempts to run his own 404 ha (1,000-acre) working farm in Oxfordshire.

We know there's going to be food...

And it looks like work is definitely happening, if his latest Instagram snap is anything to go by.

Can he dig it? Yes he can.

Can he dig it? Yes he can.

With the caption, ‘important ecological work’, a huge JCB digger is busy making a big old hole on Jeremy’s land.

The answer we want to know is, what on earth is he building?

Could it be the groundwork for his farm shop, which has had plans confirmed?

A swimming pool?

Rally stage?

Potato storage facility?

A 2020 update of Top Ground Gear Force?

Whatever's happening, we just hope he's not letting Richard Hammond drive it...

It looks like the #farmlife has really got under Jeremy's skin. We can’t confirm or deny whether he’s gone full posh farmer with a Barbour jacket and Hunter wellies (eeeeven FoodTribe and DriveTribe doesn't get that level of information), but it does look like he's been working pretty hard...

Let us know in the comments what you think he's up to...

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Comments (4)

  • I’m just waiting for his show. It’s gonna be interesting lol

      1 year ago

      1 year ago
  • Looking for dinosaur bones ?

    Looking for buried treasure ?

    Product placement for JCB ?

    Drilling for oil to fuel the JCB ?

    Starting a coal mine to provide electricity to recharge an electric digger ?

    ( pictured is the new Wacker Neuson electric digger. youtu.be/erhiXyzkDhc )

      1 year ago
  • Im surprised he hasn’t given up yet...

      1 year ago