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What's your favorite cocktail?

Here a selection of the favorites cocktails of my little Instagram community!

1y ago

Few time ago, I asked my little bunch of friends/followers on Instagram, which is their favorite cocktail. It's been a funny idea, and I thought of asking the same question here on Foodtribe.

The world of cocktails is wide and variegate, most of them have an interesting background story and many variations on their recipe. It is an infinite world to explore!

Here a small selection of the favorites cocktails of my Instagram followers.

Moscow Mule

Despite its name, this cocktail has nothing to do with Moscow or Russia if not for its principal alcoholic ingredient, vodka.

Traditionally served in copper mugs in the past, the Moscow Mule is a cocktail born in New York in 1941. Invented by bartender Wes Price the Mule was made with the purpose of getting rid of some stocks of ginger beer! Apparently copper is toxic so for health purposes the mug should be plated with nickel or stainless steel!

4.5 cl (9 parts) vodka

0.5 cl (1 part) lime juice

12 cl (24 parts) ginger beer

Pour over ice and garnish with a slice of lime.


Typical aperitif cocktail Negroni was invented in Florence at the end of the '20s, by the bartender of Caffรจ Casoni.

This cocktail is a variant of another Italian cocktail the "Americano". It carries the name of the owner of the bar where it was made for the first time, the count Camillo Negroni, which suggested to the bartender to switch club soda with gin.

3 cl gin

3 cl sweet red vermouth

3 cl Campari

Stir the ingredients into an old fashioned glass over ice, garnish with a slice of orange and serve.

Long Island Iced Tea

Despite the name, there's no tea at all in this cocktail, but thanks to the color given to this drink by the ingredients' mix you can simply pass it off as regular iced tea!

All the ingredients are mixed in a highball glass filled with ice, stir gently and then garnish with a lemon wedge spiral, serve with a straw!

1.5 cl Tequila

1.5 cl Vodka

1.5 cl White rum

1.5 cl Triple sec

1.5 cl Gin

2.5 cl Lemon juice

3.0 cl Gomme Syrup

1 dash of Coke

An early version of the Long Island iced tea was claimed to be invented in the '20s, with whiskey and instead of cola, maple syrup.

White Russian

The Dude favorite drinks! This cocktail is a must-try among the fans of "The Big Lebowski"

The white Russian, as for the Moscow Mule, has nothing to do with Russia, it just carries its name by the fact it's a vodka-based cocktail.ย  Despite its taste smooth and sweet, it's quite high in the matter of gradation.

5 cl (5 parts) Vodka

2 cl (2 parts) Coffee liqueur

3 cl (3 parts) fresh cream

Pour coffee liqueur and vodka into an Old Fashioned glass filled with ice. Float fresh cream on top and stir slowly.


Some say that Mojito was invented by Sir Francis Drake, the famous British pirate, others say it owns its roots to South American Indios who used a similar recipe to prevent tropical illnesses.

For years Mojito has been associated with Hernest Hemingway, but the questions is a bit controversial. Anyway, it is a typical summer's cocktail, very refreshing!

4 cl white rum

3 cl fresh lime juice

6 sprigs of mint

2 teaspoons sugar (or 2 cl of sugar syrup)

soda water.

Muddle mint leaves with sugar and lime juice in a Collins glass, then add a splash of soda water and fill the glass with cracked ice. Pour the rum and top with soda water.ย  For the garnishment use a sprig of mint leaves and a lemon slice. Serve with an (eco-friendly) straw.


The Spritz is another typical aperitif drink, very trendy since a few years.

Some say that the Spritz came from the habit of Austrian soldiers, in stance in northern Italy, to put sparkling water into the quite strong local wine. The proper spritz we have nowadays anyway has been invented around the '30s of 1900.

Take an old fashioned glass, put some ice and then pour:

6 cl Prosecco

4 cl Aperol

And a splash of soda water!

Garnish with orange wedge and cheers!

This is just a small selection, and from this list miss the Gin Tonic, my favorite cocktail which deserves a post itself. I would love to share other cocktails recipes and background stories so...

What's your favorite cocktail?

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