- "Cupcakes aren't that great"

What's your most controversial food opinion?

From pointless lettuce to disappointing cupcakes, the Internet has spoken

1y ago

This weekend Twitter was aflame with people sharing their most bizarre and previously secret views on all things food.

It all began when Jon Becker, who now presumably regrets his actions, asked the Twittersphere:

It seems there's nothing quite like food for a conversation starter, and as you can imagine, Twitter wasted no time in firing off opinions left, right and centre.

Here are some of most controversial...

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Comments (7)

  • Quite certain I could write a book on why fajitas are pointless.

      1 year ago
  • I feel like I shouldn't admit this as FT editor, but ketchup 100% belongs on a roast dinner (roast potatoes only though, I'm not a total heathen).

      1 year ago
  • thank you, Claire. I walked away from Twitter six months ago and feel much better as a result. But, this is fun and I appreciate being able to play thanks to you.

    That said, Chick-fil-A is extremely overrated.

      1 year ago
  • Food faces a future lack of interest , because in the west at least, markets are generally reasonably well supplied, from a huge variety of sources, mostly because of overall reduced transports costs, and because the sum total of agricultural science knowledge is readily available in books and on the internet, through word of mouth, and soon, from Jeremys new light entertainment project.

    It was reported just today, that the global natural gas market faces a massive oversupply :

    " China’s demand for U.S. LNG has plunged amid the trade war, while Europe’s gas storage is almost full and tankers carrying the fuel are taking unusually long journeys in search of better prices. That’s created a “toxic witch’s brew” that’s making it harder to find a home for American exports, according to Madeline Jowdy, senior director of global gas and LNG for S&P Global Platts in New York. " - source - Houston Chronicle .

    Chinese electric car sales are down 34 % this year, the lithium and aluminium prices have slumped noticeably in the last few weeks , and crude prices are sort of, well, average.

    All of these oversupplied markets , generally contribute to the potential for reducing transport costs.

    So, with basic food staples , transport, heating and cooking costs coming down, perhaps we can spare a thought for homeless people ?

    Construction of small holiday cabins, and homeless shelters, youtu.be/OVDArnoqNak,

    are drawing a lot of media attention. youtu.be/-9NArmUzQkA

    Technology always advances.

    Modern farming tech is incredibly advanced.

    Manufacturing and construction tech always advances.

    We now have robotic clothing manufacturing.

    And all sorts of powered lifting equipment for nurses, bridge construction, highway construction, aircraft maintenance , and geological exploration.

    The upshot is, globally speaking, humans are doing very little manual labour.

    And the upshot of that, is that they require fewer calories.

    A farm , therefore, is probably not currently the primary focus of my investment efforts.

    Of greater need right now, is small to medium sized individual homeless shelters.

    People need a good nights sleep.

    Obviously we need farms, orchards, herb gardens and wide open spaces for recreation, but I wouldn't buy any real estate , not when the Catholic Church, one of the worlds largest land holders, has plenty of unused carparks, and rural properties, ok, sure, some of which are currently being donated to homeless charity groups.

    There has always been a focus on improved quality of food,

    hence we now have FudeTribe.

    I'm all for planting new fruit trees, herb gardens, carob groves, and peach orchards, and wheat and potato fields.

    I'd like to live in a small gardeners cottage in the country, overlooking a cabbage patch.

    I would consider investing in Shell Oil, who are saying that the future of making money from petrol stations , regardless of whether people drive petrol, diesel or hybrid cars, is by selling hot meals, simply because even moderately affluent people like to drive somewhere and eat on the journey.

    And I'd invest in The Australian Royal Flying Doctor Service ( RFDS ) :


    RFDS crew enjoy an isolation tax rebate, and ,

    all donations to the RFDS are fully tax deductable, which is why Rio Tinto have recently donated 4 Pilatus PC-24 business jets to the RFDS .

    Americans have no trouble at all feeding 3 good solid nutritious hot meals per day to homeless people.

    But they do need more small accommodation units, pods, tiny houses, and summer camps.

    In this video, American policepersons are constructing shelters for homeless people :


    Community and church groups, police, veterans support groups, and various charity organisations, are asking for volunteers to come help build villages of tiny houses for homeless people.


    And that's why I love America.

    Good question, Ms. Wiley, thanks for asking.

    Is it time for …..

    " Garden ShelterTribe ?

      1 year ago