- C​iders and perries can be made from concentrate or 100% fresh pressed juice - which do you prefer?

W​hich do you choose?

T​he choice in ciders and perries (made from pear juice) is as it is with fruit juice. You can have ciders made from 35% concentrate or 100% dress pressed juice. Let me explain.

I​f you go to your local pub (post corona) and ask for a cider then likelihood is that it will be made from 35% juice or concentrate from juice. Whereas if you ask for a glass of wine then you are guaranteed that it is made by the partial or whole fermentation of freshly gathered grapes because that is the EU law.

T​here is no such EU law for cider, and that is the case for most markets across the world. And yet cider, when fermented exclusively from apples is made exactly like wine. The only difference is that these artisans make from apples not grapes.

In fact that has been the case for centuries, it is only really since the 2nd World War that ciders and perries became dilute as they chased beer like volumes. The Bulmer family, yes the great cider makers, spent much time in Champagne researching that methodology and brought it back to the UK. The irony is that the so-called Champagne method, now called the Traditional Method, was invented in the UK.

Charles Merret submitted papers in 1662 to The Royal Society which described what is known today as method champenoise. That is a full 7 years before Dom Perignon stepped over a Champagne house threshold.

The history and rejuvenation of ciders and perries made from 100% juice, never-from-concentrate, is in full swing. Cider Is Wine's chief aim is that in 10 years time most consumers and trade will know this through its quality mark and activities in the market and that fine ciders made from 100% fruit will be appreciated as much as a fine wine is. Watch this space!

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