Which "Pimp My Beans" Dish are you?

29w ago

Let's pick a location.

  • Chennai
  • Dijon
  • Thessaloniki
  • A Bunker
  • Merida

How spicy would you like your beans?

  • Not at all spicy
  • Peppery?
  • With a little kick
  • I like a decent spice in my beans
  • Enough to make me start sneezing

Would you like to see our vegetarian options?

  • Yes, please
  • Do you have a vegan menu?
  • I'm not fussed

How well-stocked is your kitchen or pantry?

  • Very, I have ever spice and herb I could ever need.
  • I have what I need on a regular basis
  • I am regularly running to the shops for missing ingredients
  • If it's not in a tin, I don't have it

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