Which social media recipe has grabbed your attention?

Quick recipes from your favorite social media platform,

40w ago

Social media has the potential to make you do something out of the box every once in a while. With ideal minds during this lock-down, we are to get hungry at the most unusual times.

Unusual times call for social media recipes some that we have seen all over! I could go out on a limb and say that I have made sure to try most of these trending recipes, Some good and some not worth sharing.

Here is a Quick 3 ingredient cookie i baked today!

What social media frenzy recipes have you tried?

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Comments (8)

  • How was the cookie? I want to try the coffee but I really don't want to buy instant coffee

      9 months ago
    • cookie is pretty decent although I overbaked it a little, the coffee is almost like a cappuccino with a lot more sugar. I think you can make it with normal powdered coffee as well

        9 months ago
    • So grind coffee into a powder?

        9 months ago
  • Try the dalgona whisky!

      9 months ago