Which way do you cook your scrambled eggs?

English, French or American?

2y ago

Who knew there were different ways to cook scrambled egg? Well there is, and in this video Jamie Oliver will show them to you. As you will see, there is the traditional English type which aren't too sloppy and sit perfectly on a slice of toast. These are the type I tend to make, not that you care.

The second is the French way which I had never heard of before. This is where you cook the eggs in a glass bowl over a pan of boiling water. This cooks them very slowly but results in a sloppy and creamy result. The third is the American way. This is personal favourite way but every time I try it they end up like British ones. I am a useless cook. This way includes folding the eggs on top of each other when they are cooking to create a creamy yet substantial result.www.youtube.com/watch

Let me know what your favourite is in the comments!

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