White Claw slushies are the latest food thing on TikTok

It’s really a miracle that this is only just happening now

1y ago

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As the country’s fave boozy bubbles, White Claw is hitting the headlines yet again. The drink is all over TikTok at the minute, with people using the spiked seltzer to create… *drum roll, please* boozy slushies. Boozy slushies, folks! We’re kind of mystified as to how this hasn’t been a thing before. Yet another silver lining to us all going slightly *stir crazy* (sorrynotsorry) at home.

So what does a White Claw slushy entail exactly, we hear you ask? Well, it’s essentially up to you – or your TikTok-er of choice. You select your favorite White Claw flavor (maybe you’re a classic black cherry person, or maybe the ruby grapefruit is more your jam). Then, pick some fruits or berries – either fresh or frozen – that will go with that flavor.

And then, naturally, you add your preferred liquor. Vodka seems to be the fan fave online, but you could opt for rum, tequila or whatever really. Blend everything together with some ice and you’re good to go. Oh, and for authentic TikTok stylings, drink your slushies to the sonic backdrop of J-Kwon's absolute classic track Tipsy.

There are a whole bunch of variations on TikTok that look delicious, including...

1) This zesty ruby grapefruit and mixed tropical fruit number

2) Smooooth mango and peach

3) Black cherry and raspberries -- match made in heaven!

What fruit, booze and White Claw combo would you use? 🥤🍒🥭

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  • Love this I have to make a batch for the wife tomorrow see how it goes

      1 year ago