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White Snickers will be back for good in January

There goes the no-chocolate New Year's resolution

1y ago

Chocolate fans rejoice because Snickers have just announced that they’ll be rolling out a White Snickers in January next year - and this time, it’s here to stay.

The white edition was previously on sale but only for a limited period. This time round, it will be a permanent addition to our shelves. The delicious White Snickers has the same peanuts, caramel and nougat that we all know and love, but this one is covered in rich white chocolate.

Josh Olken, brand director at Snickers, said: “We received a resounding positive response from fans when we launched SNICKERS White as a limited edition offering last year. As we continue to see the demand for white chocolate grow, we're excited to present this new take on our classic SNICKERS for more fans to enjoy."

It will be available across the country in single and share sizes from January 2020.

Instagrammers who have previously managed to get their hands on the elusive White Snickers had some pretty rave reviews…

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