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Who knew Disney characters were so obsessed with tea?

Here's a short analysis of the importance of tea in Disney movies

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I'm willing to wager that most of us like to have a cuppa while watching a film, but have you ever wondered how much tea features in Disney movies? The answer is way more than you'd have thought.

One of the most popular British stereotypes is that we're obsessed with our tea – and they might have a point.

On average, the UK goes through approximately 60 billion cups of tea every year. I'm sure you'll agree that's quite a lot. And in other parts of the world, tea is seen as an essential part of the day or even a cultural custom.

In many Disney movies, tea time is a key part of the plot. In films like 101 Dalmatians, Mary Poppins, and Sword in the Stone, tea time is essential.

Kent Tea & Coffee has been busy analysing all our favourite Disney films to see just how much the humble cuppa features. Are you sitting comfortably (preferably with a cup of tea)?

What's the most iconic tea scene in Disney?

What is the most iconic tea scene in the Disney universe? A fair few would suggest the Mad Hatter's tea party in Alice in Wonderland. However, you might be shocked to learn that movies like Beauty and the Beast and Mulan have just as many tea-related scenes. Although Beauty and the Beast features a teapot and teacup, called Mrs Potts and Chip, only two cups of tea were poured throughout the duration of the film.

Photo: Kadyn Pierce on Unsplash

Photo: Kadyn Pierce on Unsplash

What film features tea the longest?

Alice in Wonderland has the longest tea scene, with more than 12 minutes of tea content, taking up a massive 15.5% of the film's running time.

Second place belongs to Cinderella, featuring tea for six minutes, which is 8.5% of the total film length. This shouldn't come as a surprise, as one of Cinderella's main duties is serving tea to her two stepsisters and her wicked stepmother.

In third comes Mary Poppins, which has the most characters that drink tea but only features tea for four minutes, accounting for 2.5% of the film time. 101 Dalmatians and Beauty and the Beast feature less than two minutes of tea each.

Which Disney characters are the biggest teaholics?

The Mad Hatter has the biggest tea obsession, with seven cups of tea consumed, nine cups poured, and eight mentions of tea in the whole film. Alice in Wonderland character March Hare takes the second spot, having consumed as many cuppas as Mad Hatter, poured four cups, and mentioned tea nine times. In fact, March Hare mentions tea more times than any other Disney character.

Mr George Banks from Mary Poppins drinks one cup of tea, pours three, and mentions it five times. Also making an appearance is Mary Poppins herself, who mentions tea five times and makes it clear that her 'tea schedule' has been disturbed.

What tea should I pair for each Disney movie?

If you want to immerse yourself further in this surprisingly tea-obsessed universe, why not try to pair a tea with each film?

For Alice in Wonderland, try drinking some Earl Grey and Liquorice Tea. For Cinderella, French Breakfast Tea works well. Linden Flower Tea might be a lovely accompaniment for Sword in the Stone. Unlock your inner Mushu with Mountain Dragon Green Tea while watching Mulan. And English Drawing Room Scented Tea is bound to give you a perfect drink for watching Mary Poppins.

Why not try some Afternoon Tea Leaf for 101 Dalmatians? Rose Congou Superior Emperor Grade Tea would go really well with Beauty and the Beast. The easiest one to recommend would be Darjeeling for Toy Story as it's mentioned by Buzz Lightyear himself. The Adventure of Ichabod Mr Toad complements some lovely Assam Tea. Finally, for Sleeping Beauty, try drinking some Chamomile Tea.

Whatever tea you drink, it's now almost impossible to ignore the sheer presence of tea in the Disney universe. So next time you're watching a Disney film, keep a close eye on the mentions of tea - I'm sure you'll be surprised.

That's made me thirsty, I'll pop the kettle on.

What's your favourite tea scene in a Disney film? Comment your answers below!

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