Who knew? VW produces more sausages than cars

Born in 1973 for the needs of company canteens, they have become a symbol of the German brand

1y ago

Perhaps not everyone knows that the German giant independently produces the famous sausages in company canteens for its employees, and in addition to this, it also sells them outside.

Last year, the difference was 6.8 million sausages, compared to 6.2 million passenger cars.

Volkswagen has been producing Currywurst for 45 years and selling them in 11 different countries, which is why the number of Currywurst is almost always higher than the cars produced.

Obviously, Currywurst doesn't cost like a Golf - but it's not even as lovely as a Golf!

Production is entrusted to a team of 30 people, and the raw material comes from local farms. Currywurst is seasoned with spices whose recipe has been the same since 1973 and is absolutely secret; after which, it is smoked on beech wood and steamed.

In Italy, the Germans are famous because (in our opinion) they commit themselves to everything they do, and therefore they do well.

But Currywurst are not sold by us and therefore if you have tasted them, can you let us know if they are as reliable as a Polo?

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  • I have to admit that I never tasted one even though my first car, when I got my driving license, was a Beetle.😊. However, I can immediately see two things that seem wrong to me. First, it's a Bockwurst whereas a proper Currywurst is based on a Bratwurst, at least where I grew up. Second, the label on the packaging says "remove artificial peel". I mean, c'mon Volkswagen, artificial peel on a Currywurst? A Currywurst only works when it's cut to pieces, most fast food shops in Germany have small machines for that. Are they supposed to manually remove the artificial peel first? This is just so wrong. I'd rather have a nice Golf R, thank you 😁

      1 year ago
    • Well... the first point I do not context, in the end, I extrapolated my post from 3 articles of Italian newspapers (which obviously had copied each other) so I guess the error is upstream 🤔 Pity...

      The second point, however, I believe is...

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        1 year ago
    • The first point is also on the label, it says "Curry_bock_wurst" 😊. The difference between Bockwurst and Bratwurst is that Bockwurst is smoked whereas Bratwurst usually isn't, so obviously this causes the two to taste differently. More...

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        1 year ago
  • VW pig emissions scandal coming soon...

      1 year ago
  • I know now because I saw the episode.

      1 year ago