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Who remembers Jeremy Clarkson's Beef, Bovril and Brick Smoothie?

There's nothing a V8 blender can't do...

Ben Welham posted in Drinks
2y ago

If you remember the good old days of Top Gear, then you will also remember just how good a chef Jezza was. As the V8 was dying, he decided to put it to another use, a culinary one. He came up with the genius idea of turning it into a smoothie maker.

His 'Man Smoothie' consisted of Beef, Bovril and Bricks, not to mention the bones. It was then lightly garnished with some chillies, tabasco. All in all, a very nutritious drink which for some reason didn't catch on. Now, haters will say it's disgusting but judging by James and Richard's faces, it was delicious.

What would go in your V8 smoothie?

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Comments (2)

  • Oh dear don’t remind me .

      1 year ago
  • Yes and I can't imagine how horrible that tasted for James.

      1 year ago