- Ah yes, a perfectly normal thing to happen.

Whole potato found in a packet of crisps

Half peeled, somewhat fried, lightly salted. Perfection *chef's kiss*

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Mistakes in manufacturing are common occurrences. Do anything on a large enough scale and you play into the odds of something going awry. But this has to be a case of going awry on a whole new scale.

Sitting down to a lunchtime snack, Leah of Huddersfield was looking forward to tucking into a bag of Aldi's top of the range, ready salted crisps. Only as she reached down to the bottom of the bag, instead of the light and flaky crisps sitting there, she felt "a smooth cold ball". What she found instead of some crisps was a soggy potato, which had at least been lightly salted. So met that part of the product specification.

Image Credit; Leah.

Image Credit; Leah.

‘I bought a multipack from Aldi in Huddersfield and so I didn’t realise something didn’t feel right as I picked up the bag. I was between meetings while working from home so ran to the kitchen to get a bag for me and my boyfriend,’ Leah said.

‘I opened it and without looking reached into it to feel a smooth cold ball. I was so shocked, not even realising it was a potato, and just completely freaked out at what I’d just touched. All I got was one soggy crisp.’

How? Image credit; Leah.

How? Image credit; Leah.

An Aldi spokesperson told the Metro: ‘We apologise that, on this occasion, our usual high standards were not met. We would ask the customer to return the product to their local store for a full refund so we can investigate this with our supplier.’

Wouldn't happen with Lidl is all I have to say.

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  • She must have grabbed the diy bag 😂

      9 days ago
  • She couldn't tell something was not right when she grabbed the bag?

      7 days ago