Why do people always have a favourite mug?

Here is why some of the FoodTribe community stick to the same mug. Tell us the story of yours!

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You've got to have a favourite mug, or at least one you use all the time. I have a mug I use for every hot drink in my own house, and another one I use at my parents' house. It's the law.

I was interested to hear what makes people choose the mugs they use. The one I use at home was a gift and the image on it is special to me. The one I use at my Mum's was a gift and it represents a sporting team I follow. My Mum, on the other hand, isn't really fussed what her mug looks like, but chooses based on how thick it is (she likes them thin and flimsy – fine bone china, to be exact!) and how much lemon tea she can get in it – the more the better!

I asked some of the FoodTribe community about their favourite mugs and why they use them. I'd love to see your favourite mug and hear about why you use it and what you have in it, so let me know in the comments!

My mug

This is the mug I use at home. It was appropriated (not at all taken, no) from the University of Glasgow, where I did my first degree, and where I'm now doing another. Some people have no affinity for the Uni they go to, at all, but I had to go through hell to get there and loved every single minute of my first degree. I maintain this is the place that made me and, as such, I love this mug. It's also where I met my better half, Stuart, who works at the Uni and who happens to have been the appropriator of said mug!

The second mug is the one I use at my parent's house. It has a simpler story, in that years ago I followed McLaren in F1, back when they were sponsored by Vodafone and running Mercedes engines (those were the days!). I got this as a gift during that time and have used it since, although it is really starting to show its age. It happens to also be my favourite colour!

Stuart's mug

Stuart and I met in a histology lab looking down microscopes at things that look a lot like this. When I get gifts for people, I love to make them really personal, so this was one of the first gifts I got him, and he has used it since.

Stuart said, "The main mug I use is my microscopy mug! It was the first Christmas present I got from my partner. We met in the lab that I work in and my explanation that sebaceous glands, in the skin, produce a substance called sêbüch (they don’t…) had us doubled over in laughter. The mug features a lovely bit of sebaceous gland histology and sêbüch has turned into a long term inside joke!"

The second mug is the one he uses at work. Stuart loves nothing more than a pun, so when he saw this, he had to have it. "My work mug features the most fitting pun ever for working in an Anatomy department, because who doesn't love a remarkable pun? Very humerus... I only got it because the first mug I got (which featured instructions on making paper aeroplanes) broke when it fell out the cupboard. Months using a mug with no handle on it got a little tiresome and I cannot resist a pun."

Shivaum's mug

Shivaum has a history with favourite mugs: he has three but two of those have broken. He believes they represent him, as a person: "Well I do not like sharing my mugs. They are an identity of me. Hence I like to buy unique mugs for myself. I also prefer them to be on the heavier side."

His previous favourites were a Ferrari mug that has found itself in bits, and he followed it up with a mug his wife bought them when they were honeymooning in Paris. His current mug was a souvenir from the Addo National Park, in South Africa, and has survived thus far!

Valentina's mug

Valentina has a collection of mugs, which she has proudly displayed in her home! Her favourite – and the one she uses most often – is this winter mug, which her boyfriend bought her. A cute little snowman with a big heart that she likes to enjoy green tea or Earl Grey from. This is it in her display cabinet, alongside some of her other mugs.

Jane's mug

Jane's favourite mug contains a message I think we can all relate to! It's from a company called Black Rifle Coffee Company, who are a veteran-owned company in Salt Lake City. In keeping with the slogan on the mug, Jane mostly has coffee and you have to assume that, given the presented options, that's why she is still with us!

Raunuq's mug

This is Raunuq's favourite mug. A simple, handsome, example that was bought for its practicality. "It holds about half a litre and I usually use it to drink tea, a lot of tea!" Such was the draw to it, he wasn't even looking for a mug when he came across it and decided he had to have it.

John's mug

This is our beloved community manager, John's, favourite mug. Rather than choosing it to enjoy his tea from, it chose him. "I realised it wasn't a conscious thing. It's just the one I always find myself going for," he said.

It's one of a set of mugs, each with different flowers on, but the pink flowers are the ones for him!

Cursed Beans' mug

You know those families who are just full of banter and laughs? Well, Cursed Beans' favourite mug has been on the go for two years now and serves, specifically, to mock his/her/their mother and bring laughs to everyone! It represents an 8 year old joke that is still very much alive and well!

The mysterious and elusive Cursed Beans said, "The writing says 'BEH ME A PEH' which started as an inside joke among our household; my mum has a strong northern English accent and once said to my Dad: "Can you nip to the shops and buy me a pie?" but in her accent. So ultimately it sounded like "beh me a peh".

Ben's mug

Ben's mug is one to make us all feel either inferior or very safe. We will go with the latter and thank Ben for his service. He got it as a birthday gift and despite the fact it is 'near impossible' to drink from, he perseveres because, "it makes me feel like a superhero... which I am certainly not. Or is that what a secret superhero should say?"

Not all superheroes wear capes and, in this case, some of them wear their tea.

My Mum's mug

I mentioned her earlier, so thought I'd show you what she settled for. Insistent on the thinnest fine bone china, purely because she doesn't like thick mugs, she is a bit of a fuss pot but confesses she isn't particularly interested in how it looks. This fetching floral fella is the most recent but, because she likes them so thin, they are prone to damage so it's the latest in a long line of mugs, and is very unlikely to be the last.

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  • Really nice post. Mugs are a personal thing.

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