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Why flavoured salt is so good

Many formulations for small kitchen treasures

1y ago

Flavoured salt is not indispensable in the kitchen, but it is a small luxury that can be granted to make unique dishes.

Each formulation has a different scent and releases a specific aroma when cooking food.

There are many companies (Italian, but also foreign I presume) that deal with industrially making these little jewels. One of these is Villa Reale Supreme, a Sicilian company.

Flavored salts Villa Reale Supreme

Flavored salts Villa Reale Supreme

You can also prepare flavoured salts yourself: it is quick and easy, here are some recipes.

Rosemary, sage and garlic

Ingredients: fine salt; rosemary; sage; garlic; black pepper

Preparation: Wash the spices and let them dry thoroughly, take only the leaves and finely chop them together with the garlic, mix the mince with the fine salt and the freshly ground pepper.

This salt should be kept in the fridge because fresh spices and garlic can mould in the pantry.

Orange or lemon

Ingredients: 400 gr of coarse salt; two oranges or three lemons

Preparation: Get organic fruit; you will only need the peel, peel the citrus fruits with the help of a potato peeler, trying to take only the coloured part and avoid the white part. Add the coarse salt and whisk until it reaches the desired graininess. Spread the salt on a baking sheet and bake in an unventilated oven for 15-20 minutes at 50 ° C, turn often and check that it does not burn but dries well.

You can store this flavoured salt in tightly closed jars in the pantry.


Ingredients: whole sea salt; freshly picked lavender flowers not treated with pesticides and chemical fertilizers (they are more fragrant than dry ones)

Preparation: Clean the lavender flowers thoroughly without washing them, taking care to remove any insects that may be in the newly collected buds.

Add the lavender to the salt in an airtight jar, let the salt take the scent and then use as desired. This salt is excellent for baked foods.

Preparing unique salt is not difficult at all and can give an extra touch to the dishes you make. Good and simple!

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