Why it is so important to keep our digestive track clean and healthy.

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When we eat something we are either adding toxicity, acid and mucus to our body or we are helping the body to remove it. If we have been eating meat and dairy products, grains, processed foods, sugars and flours we will have a build up of obstruction in our bodies both at a surface and cellular level.
When we are conceived at around the 2 week mark the embryo begins to develop the nervous system and starts to take shape of the primitive “gut tube”. By week 4 you see buds of organs begin to appear. Just like the branch of a tree or plant. These buds turn into our heart, lungs, liver, stomach etc. (see diagram). So you can see how intimately all of our body is connected. You can also see how tissue from the primitive gut would surround each of our organs.
This leads on to further explanation of dis-ease. It there was an inherent weakness in the part of the gut that developed the liver for example, that liver will also inherit a weakness.
So certain areas of the bowl will be more connected to certain organs in the body.
If this area then becomes obstructed by a poor diet it will also effect the organ that developed from that area.
What we are doing in cleaning our digestive track by detoxification and conscious nourishment is removing any obstruction at a surface and cellular level which gives way
for the body to rejuvenate itself of any inherent weaknesses or dis-ease.
The recipes I am sharing and the fasts and cleanses I am taking people through
are all revolved around this. Cleaning the digestive track and getting the lymphatic waste
to move freely.

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