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Why you should buy a food probe

I was checking the chicken on Sunday when one of my friends asked what I was doing – It occurred to me this is something everyone should know.

2y ago

I may be teaching my grandmother to suck eggs here so forgive me if you are already an old hand with the food probe, but I thought it would be helpful to mention this wonderful little gadget here in case you don't know my secret to cooking meat perfectly every time.

A food probe is a little thermometer you can insert into any food to take a reading during cooking. The form of the food doesn't matter, soupy and hot or solid and frozen you will get an accurate reading that will tell you more than you may think and you will end up using it more than you ever imagined.

My absolute favourite way to use it is with a roast because obvious as it sounds food is cooked to a certain level at a certain temperate every single time.

To put it simply if you want to cook a piece of beef rare you cook it until the probe measures 52 degrees, medium is 60 degrees and well done is 71 degrees.

So if you stick to these rules there is no more guessing - no more getting it wrong - and no more embarrassing mistakes with the Xmas turkey!

It's also great when you are running the BBQ in poor light or after a few beers: goodbye crunchy burgers and hello proud probe owner.

It's invaluable while making jams, testing sausages, reheating stews, cooking fish and defrosting meat - in fact I use it so much it even comes on holiday with me...

The one I use is called Thermapen, but there are tons of types and prices available and they usually come with a temperature chart.

My only advice is to get a thermal digital reading version that you can use while cooking. I don't find the manual stick ones where you have to take something out of the oven to measure the temperature as handy or accurate.

You can even get versions now that you put onto your roast and the timing estimate shows on your tablet or phone so you can relax and go to the pub while it's cooking.

Sounds dreamy. I think i might start saving up for one!

Juicy and succulent with no risk of being undercooked once it reached 74 degrees

Juicy and succulent with no risk of being undercooked once it reached 74 degrees

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Comments (5)

  • Top tip! It's now on my shopping list

      2 years ago
  • The only way I'd trust myself to cook meat. I tend to lapse into a Salmonella paranoia and burn everything, even the Teflon.

      2 years ago
    • Yes overcooked meat is such a waste of money and if it's a joint it can be a very expensive mistake.

        2 years ago
    • Yep. Hence why I'm only asked to grate cheese these days.

        2 years ago