Wild Ride Brewing Co.'s Hidden Trail Hazy Pale Ale

A New England style IPA and an American pale ale walk into a bar...

Scott Nadeau posted in Beer
1y ago

Tonight's beer brought to you by Wild Ride Brewing Company out of Redmond, Oregon. Wild Ride started back in 2014 when a group of friends who were all craft brewers said "Hey, we should start a brewery!"

I'm not entirely sure that's how it all went down, but they set up shop in an old lumber warehouse in downtown Redmond. How awesome is that? The brewery produces about 9000 barrels of beer per year.

A hazy pale ale is a hybrid of a New England style IPA and an American pale ale. It's not as bitter as an IPA, but it has a bold flavor to it. It was easy to sip down and was one of my favorites from the sample pack my sister sent me. The ABV was only 5.4%, which is right where I like my beers to be. I'll definitely pick this one up again if I can find it in my local stores over here in North Carolina.

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