Will the McDonald's Coconut Pie be worth the trip to Singapore?

Refreshingly warm and sweet

1y ago

A few months ago, McDonald’s Singapore reintroduced the iconic Chocolate Pie. Just when you thought it couldn't possibly do better, the Coconut Pie appeared earlier this month.

The Coconut Pie first appeared in 2017 and McDonald's Singapore revived it, available for both takeout and drive-thru, just a couple of weeks ago and, crucially, just in time for summer. The crispy pie crust hides sweet coconut filling and nata de coco bits (jelly-like coconut gel).

It is served hot, perhaps counterintuitively, and as with most McDonald's pies, it is likely to stick around for a limited amount of time. In Singapore, stay-at-home orders were first imposed in late February, then lifted, and then introduced again and now the country is gradually emerging from a long lockdown. So this Coconut Pie is an excellent way to celebrate the occasion.

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  • I wonder why it’s not available in Hawaii

      1 year ago