Will there be a pigs in blankets shortage this Christmas?

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Pigs in blankets, along with other meat products, are under threat because of a lack of EU workers coming over to the UK, thanks to the ongoing saga that is Brexit.

The United Kingdom usually attracts a host of seasonal EU workers making up 60% of the labour force within the meat industry. Pigs in blankets are normally wrapped by hand, and the lack of workers means fewer hands to wrap.


N​ick Allen, chief executive of the British Meat Processors Association stated that pigs in blankets are: "Fiddly and hard to mechanise... Ever since Brexit happened, it's become hard to hold on to European labour."

H​owever, it's not just down to Brexit, working conditions such as low temperatures are putting seasonal staff off.

If the vacancies aren't filled up, the affordability and production of British food is at risk.

Would you miss pigs in blankets and what are your thoughts on the current situation?

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  • This is DISGUSTANG

    9 days ago
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  • I buy mine from a local butchers but sometimes get supermarket ones to snack on before and/or after christmas. About a quarter of the time the supermarket ones have to be rewrapped after you've taken them out the packaging anyway.

    14 days ago
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    • I respect that you use them as snacks, you're on to something there!

      14 days ago


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