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Win Tribecoins: Valentine's Day Challenge

Are you ready to show me some 'sweet' love?

10w ago

Let's celebrate Valentine's Day in FoodTribe style by making some sweet treats! So not only can you have your cake and eat it too but you may have a chance at winning some tribecoins. Now for the rules/details.

#1 Make a sweet treat

That's right you must make a sweet treat and your treat or display for your treat must make me think of Valentine's Day. So hearts, roses, candles, what ever you think will give off a love and romance feel.

#2 Make a post

Make a post and post it to the sweet treats tribe.

#3 Call me out

In the comments section of your post call me out. @Jane Fyffe

#4 Win tribecoins

You will have the chance to win 500 Tribecoins. There may be additional prizes, I have not decided yet. If you are the winner you will need to comment in the post that I announce the winner to claim your prize.

Get ready, get set and GO!

This starts now and ends Wednesday the 17th. You have a week and you can post more than once but can only win once. Winner will NOT be eligible to win on February's top 5 for sweet treats.

Good Luck and show me some love

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Comments (23)

  • 🤔

      2 months ago
  • I can not wait to see the goodness. 😀

      2 months ago
  • Will Jane notice if I buy donuts and then take pictures of them on my bench like I've made them, I wonder

      2 months ago
  • When is Valentines Day?

      2 months ago
  • I didn't have any idea for this challenge, but I found a cake that I've been meaning to bake for sometime! If I can find the ingredients, I'll be joining this! 😅😊

      2 months ago