Wine made from mustard is a thing


6w ago

Grey Poupon is a brand of mustard from Dijon, part of the Kraft Foods family [the same company that owns Heinz, ed.], so naturally we gotta talk about… their brand-new wine.

I don’t even know what’s real anymore, but apparently we live in era where people think it’s okay to make watermelon pizza and mustard companies launch new wines. Go figure.

The new ‘Moustard Vin’ is a Viognier white wine made from mustard seeds - it also has actual mustard seeds in the bottle - and according to Poupon, it is a “celebration of the white wine used in the beloved condiment’s one-of-a-kind Dijon recipe”.

“We use white wine in our recipe,” said Danielle Coopersmith, Kraft Heinz’s brand manager. “So it only makes sense that the same mustard seeds that are used in Grey Poupon are a satisfying infusion in a white wine.”

The wine is already available from and it retails for $30.

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