- N​abeyaki Udon from Sonobana, Nashville, TN.

W​inter time is the time for Udon

Thoughts on cold weather and udon.

1y ago

A​s winter starts here in the Northern Hemisphere (the best hemisphere, suck it Australia and your deadly everything) I cannot help but think thoughts of udon. Some folks go for chili and others go for a grilled cheese/tomato soup combo, but they’re wrong. With the exception of a hot toddy, udon is the best of all the cold weather meals.

W​inter soups are supposed to knock off the chill in your bones and in your soul. Nothing does this quite like a good udon. Nabeyaki udon with that poached egg and the shrimp tempura takes a person somewhere magical.

Of course I will have my share of bowls of chili and a grilled cheese/tomato soup combos this winter but there is something about udon that just puts my soul at ease and makes the cold a little more bearable.

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N​abeyaki Udon from Sonobana, Nashville, TN.

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