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Winter warmer: Alaska pollock, chorizo, beans and greens

O​ur toes are opening and closing in anticipation of making this dish

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T​he best kind of recipes are the ones that involve simple fresh ingredients, are easy to deliver, and hit the plate like a restaurant worthy dish. No pressure. Let us tell you right now, this recipe — Alaska Pollock, Chorizo, Beans and Greens — is one of those recipes.

There is a real blizzard of unusual flavours going on including chorizo (which makes any dish delicious, fact) garlic, chilli, bay leaves and the hearty winter fuel that is... beans! All this along with the lightness of asparagus, punch of wilted spinach and the deliciousness of the pollock fillets. Need we say more? Actually yes.

W​hen something tastes this good, it couldn't possibly be healthy, right? Well, while this dish is good for you in more ways than one it largely comes down to the Alaska fish. The quality of this fish is governed by the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI), a public-private partnership between the State of Alaska and the Alaska seafood industry that ensures only the best seafood reaches the rest of the world.

A​laska Seafood

A​laska Seafood

Alaska Pollock is popular for its rich, salty flavour. In China and other Asian countries, the oil from the skin is used for pharmaceuticals and to make collagen, and everything that is not eaten or transformed into lotions and potions is made into high protein fishmeal to feed aquaculture species. Basically, it's sustainable at every angle.

This fish-meal (get it?) we have for you contains all nine amino acids the body can't produce itself — in other words protein of the highest quality. If you don't believe us, chef and culinary nutritionist Garret Berdan says: “Cooking with Alaska pollock is a joy as the fish itself is wonderfully forgiving and versatile. If you are looking for nutritious versatility and ease of preparation, Alaska pollock is your new favourite protein.”

We are sold. Don't forget to let us know in the comments if you've made this winter treat at home.

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