Wispa v Wispa Gold: which is better?

Anything labelled as gold should be supreme, but only a thorough investigation will determine the truth.

2w ago

Gold is the epitome of triumph. Whether it be jewellery, bars or chocolate, the shiny shade of yellow trumpets success everywhere it goes.

Spare a thought for everything else though, the creations that – despite being wonderful in their own right – aren’t gold. This has the very real and dangerous potential to invoke some brutal rivalries.

Take, for example, the original Cadbury Wispa. After being launched in the 1980s and rudely retired in 2003, the hole-filled treat fully returned to the glory of supermarket shelves in 2008. However, just three years later it was upstaged by its golden nemesis, Wispa Gold (so-called because of its caramel contents).

To save the Cadbury duo the indignity of ruined love, divorce papers and bitter court battles, it makes far more sense to thoroughly review which of the Cadbury variations is best.

The original Wispa is so incredibly moreish it’s almost addictive. Thankfully, I am some way off becoming uncontrollably obsessed with Wispas because I only eat 40 a day, which seems reasonable.

Bubble-filled chocolates would usually be condemned as being weight-saving cheapskates, but the air holes in Wispa bars enable the chocolate to be effortlessly light in taste and consumption. Basically, it’s near impossible to become overwhelmed by the sweet and creamy milk chocolate flavour because the weightlessness seems to temper all of the conditions perfectly.

The bubbles additionally cause the chocolate bar to crunch and crumble, providing a far more satisfying experience than the tough snaps required for alternatives, such as Dairy Milk or Galaxy.

On the other hand, Wispa Gold has the advantage of being the only caramel chocolate bar that I actually like. Whereas others would require dinosaur teeth to chew through, or flood every piece of clothing with immeasurable quantities of watery amber sugar, the caramel in Wispa Golds achieves the perfect gooiness: thick without being concrete.

Perhaps because of its stickiness, it is much more refined than the normal Wispa, producing less crumb wastage. Its generous, fulfilling caramel stream oozes the melt-in-mouth sensation before the tongue has even received a touch; then, it’s balanced sweetness subtly caresses every taste bud, soothing and exciting them, exploding with radiating pleasure.

It can be without dispute that Wispa Gold is of vastly greater superiority than its founding father, the original Wispa, further proving beyond doubt that coating everything in solid gold is guaranteed to bring eternal joy. I’ll only be drinking 24-carat water from now on.

(I am aiming to write at least one food review a week throughout 2021 in support of The Trussell Trust, a UK charity that fights food poverty by supporting community food banks and campaigning for national change: justgiving.com/FoodWriting).

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Comments (4)

  • I'm prefer the original..not to keen on the gold

      15 days ago
  • If there is Caramel in the Gold, I would definitely go Regular.

      15 days ago
  • Wispa og still the best I did try Wispa Gold last time I was home and its good but comparing them is like Aero verses Aero Mint. Not really the same thing but yummm!

      15 days ago
  • I haven't tried both yet, however I keen on to traditional basic one more than to second one with caramel ( I just don't like caramel 🤣)

      1 day ago