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Woman's butter steak 'hack' has people gagging

We're all butter lovers here, but this is going too far. This is not how you use butter to cook a steak!

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1w ago

There is a certain amount of public criticism we all need to consider. As ugly as the criticism can be, consider it as a rough diamond. To the untrained eye, it’s rough, unkempt, and haphazardly shaped. It’s not until we polish the four-letter words out of the mess and reframe them into our own flaws that we can see the shining truth. So, when the entire world shouts at you “THIS IS NOT HOW YOU COOK STEAK,” maybe you should consider yourself wrong.

I love butter. You (should) love butter. Only those who are cooking masochists would deny themselves of butter. I’m not talking about margarine—that stuff is dubious at best—I’m talking about naturally produced, free of chemical, natural butter. It makes food taste better and it is ubiquitous to all Western dishes.

I’ve used butter when pan-frying steaks. Searing a steak on both sides and then adding butter and herbs, before spooning the concoction on top of the steak makes for a delicious slab of dead red. But, the amount of butter you use does matter. Too much butter and the steak is dripping with the makings of a 38-year-old heart attack.

Tammylouiseee does not feel the same way. In a viral TikTok posting, she has used gargantuan amounts of butter to cook a steak because “…this is the best.” Her video shows a method of covering (emphasis on covering) an entire steak with butter. Not just one, but two sticks of butter are used, one for each side, to cover the steak in the yellow gold.

She then uses taco seasoning and uses low heat to begin the cooking process. Once the steak is swimming in butter, onions are added, the steak is flipped, more taco seasoning is added, and the whole mess is brought up to a higher temperature.

Then, another—another?!!! Yes, another!!!---stick of butter is used (now at three for one steak) to drown any chance the steak had to stay alive whilst treading butter. Tammy believes this butter drowning ritual is pivotal to producing a creamy steak. Tammy says, “The butter soaks. It's going to make it creamy, yummy, all good."

She fishes out the steak for one more flip before serving it. Apparently, we’ve been doing it wrong all along. “Milkshakes don’t bring boys to the yard. Steaks do.” This might be true, but if the steak has more butter in the ingredients than the milkshake, you’re doing it wrong.

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  • Not frying of course, but rubbing it with a chunk of butter for appetizing shine and extra flavour.

      12 days ago