World set ablaze by crisp sandwich experiment

Excitement doesn’t come greater than this, as Ben Taylorson challenges himself to eat a different crisp sandwich, every day in February

7w ago

Although theme parks across the country are currently closed, thrill-seekers yearning for a dangerously exhilarating rollercoaster ride can still acquire their adrenaline kicks.

One way to do this would be to rob a bank, but that isn’t highly recommended – everyone uses cryptocurrencies now, so what’s the point? Also, I’ve personally never been able to find a pair of tights that suit my face.

Fortunately, excitement enthusiasts can take inspiration from one man’s affection of crisp sandwiches to plan their next adventure – and, no, surprisingly it has nothing to do with James May’s obsession with beef Hula Hoops.

Ben Taylorson, a 40-year-old librarian from Middlesbrough, has chosen to electrify his life by challenging himself to eat a different crisp butty every day during February.

Ben clearly isn’t afraid of controversy, choosing such offensive fillings as Wotsits, Hula Hoops and Quavers with eggs.

Commenting on his hard work – which even generated its own #CrispFebruary hashtag – Ben said: “It’s going really well and I’m enjoying it immensely.

“My favourite one to do was beef Monster Munch with horseradish sauce and gravy. Other good ones have been onion rings with pickled onions and cream cheese […] and beef Frazzles with mustard, ketchup and fried eggs.”

Anyone who criticises Ben’s dedication is, of course, simply being salty.

What wonderful crisp fillings would you choose?

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Comments (5)

  • Ham and wotsits sandwiches for me

      1 month ago
  • I think he's as mad as a box of frogs, but gaw 'elp me, I love him.

    He's a food hero.

      1 month ago
  • A selection of about a dozen prepackaged factory made potato crisp buttys individually packaged in the latest high tech air tight packaging, with a selection of sauce and freeze dried chocolate topping sachets , all bagged in a standard plastic bread loaf bag does sound like quite a cool product line .

    Imagine movie or watching the game night :

    You open the bread bag , and hand out pre made chip buttys and flavoursome sachets to yourself .

    It’s self isolation movie and watching the game night after all.

    But it feels a bit weird , so you face time or Skype the family and friends and ask them if they like the factory made chip butty .

    P.J. O’Rourke said last year that covid has driven investment money into the cheaper mass produced processed , freeze dried, microwaveable convenience food market.

    So atm any cool new convenience snack that concept that is reasonably priced is probably worth a look .

      1 month ago