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World's oldest whiskey bottle sells for $137,000

Once owned by JP Morgan himself

12w ago

This is the world’s oldest bottle of whiskey, and it recently sold for a record-breaking $137,000.

In fact, it is so old even the auction house that foresaw the sale - Skinner Auctioneers - isn’t sure how old.

According to Skinner, the world’s “oldest known bottle” could date as “far back as the 18th Century”. It was once owned by John Pierpont Morgan, founder of JP Morgan, and was “probably made prior to 1865".

The bottle was lab-tested and scientists were able to determine with 81.1% certainty - based on the carbon dating of the liquid - that it was made between 1763 and 1803. It sounds a bit vague but it was enough to conclude it contains the oldest whiskey known to date.

The bottle of Old Ingledew Whiskey was retrieved from the cellars of Mr. John Pierpont Morgan and Skinner rare spirits expert Joseph Hyman said the auction house has “further confirmed that J.P. Morgan, Sr. did purchase Madeira wine and whiskey from the Ridgely's of Hampton House, in 1902, for approximately $7600, and the Ridgely's typed inventory from 1901 lists 'Old Bourbon- (purchased) about 1860.”

Rare whiskey bottles always end up fetching absurd amounts of money at auction and $137,000 is just a drop in the ocean, when put in perspective.

However, Skinner actually projected a selling price closer to 20-40,000 dollars, probably because of lack of information.

If you owned it, would you drink it, or keep it?

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Comments (3)

  • More craziness! 🙄

      2 months ago
  • Your last point is valid. I'm amazed how much whiskey can sell at. My fav bar has a shot of one that means nothing to me, for $800.

      2 months ago
  • I wonder, was it bought for its content or its historic value?

      2 months ago