W​ould a public transport food ban help with obesity?

The UK's chief medical officer says banning food and drink on public transport will cut child obesity.

1y ago

Dame Sally Davis, the UK's chief medical officer has suggested placing a ban on food and drink on public transport will lead to a drastic cut in child obesity.

Davis has also suggested numerous changes that should be made to tackle the growing problem of obesity. The UK is, "nowhere near achieving the government ambitions to halve childhood obesity by 2030," she says.

'Public transport' would include all buses, tubes and trains. Davis did suggest the ban would exclude the basics of water and breastfeeding.

Many have been critical of the idea, including Neil Middleton, of the Association of Public Transport Users. “It strikes me that practically, this is largely unenforceable... and it seems to me that threats to passengers such as terrorism and violent crime (including rape) are a more important target," he says.

T​his kind of restriction could also affect those with health issues. Richard Pill of the English Regional Transport Association, suggested food is sometimes immediately critical for him: “I am diabetic type 2 and sometimes need to eat when travelling on public transport,” he says.

What are your thoughts on banning food and drinks from public transport?

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Comments (3)

  • I can think of a few legit reasons to ban food and drink on buses. This isn't one of them lol

      1 year ago
  • NZ has a food and drink (not water) ban on public transport like buses for mess reasons. Long haul transport like trains and the interisland ferry don't though. Intercity buses you can take food and drink on as long as it's not hot food coz that's inconsiderate to other passengers.

      1 year ago