- It's so purrrty.

Would you buy a machine that makes your drinks for you?

Another super easy way to make your best holiday drinks

15w ago

I saw a commercial for this and I immediately had to post about it. It's a new thingy called Drinkworks, from the makers of Keurig.

It's a versatile home bar, you basically use it just like the Keurig.

It comes with everything you need to get started, the pods are pre-mixed, alcohol and everything, so it's hella easy to use.

You need a martini? You have it in under 60 seconds.

Whiskey Sour? Boom, done.

I'm definitely thinking about getting one. It's the perfect gift for the holidays. I'm already looking to see if this comes in different colors, because reasons.

It's basically like a capsule coffee maker, but for cocktails.

Link is below if you need more info. I would definitely consider it.

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