- Chef Hoang Tung with the Coronaburger; Screenshot from Reuters video.

Would you eat the Coronaburger?

It is a bit of a morale booster..really, it is...

1y ago

At the Pizza Takeaway shop in downtown Hanoi, Vietnam has created burger inspired from recent events. It is called the 'Coronaburger'. The burger is special, because the green-tea coloured bun resembles the microscopic image of the Covid19 virus. The rest of the burger is pretty normal.

You've got to eat it, to beat it

Chef Hoang Tung, the Pizza Home takeaway shop

As reported by Reuters, Chef Hoang Tung who is attempting to boost morale in the city by saying "You've got to eat it, to beat it", well on that philosophy I would be an alpha predator. He and his team manage to sell 50 of these burgers a day and orders continue to increase everyday.

Will he manage to do that, who knows, but in these times where people are self isolating and people are bored out of their minds, this is one small story that makes you feel good. Right now, I want to eat that burger, it seems to have boosted my morale just by looking at it. This leads me to a question👇

Would you eat the Coronaburger?

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