Would you try recycled bread? Gail's plans anti-waste range

Gail's has promised 25 new products in the future made using recycled food waste.

1y ago

Artisan high street bakery, Gail's has announced that it is expanding its product range to include products made using recycled food waste. The company has promised 25 new products as part of its eco-conscious baking line, and ultimately hopes to become a zero-waste business in the future.

The first product of this kind was their sourdough loaf, called β€œWaste Bread”. This was released way back in 2018, but now the company is turning the concept into an entire range. The loaf is made by turning day-old unsold loaves into breadcrumbs, before making them into a porridge-type mix. This is then added to a fresh white sourdough dough, resulting in a fresh loaf with the recycled bread making up a third of its ingredients. You'd think that recycled goods would be bottom shelf stuff, but oh no: the 750g loaves cost a pretty extortionate Β£4.20 each.

Since then, they've added a few new bits and bobs, such as croutons made from old baguettes and savoury crackers made with leftover cheese rinds. This new direction for the bakery is in line with the push towards sustainability and waste-reduction that so many are striving for. The Independent reports that in the UK, we throw away 10.2m tonnes of food waste each year, creating more than 20m tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. Changes like this are done in an attempt to reduce this astronomical figure and subsequently reduce strain on resources.

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Comments (2)

  • Agreed on the recycling part

      1 year ago
  • I know that in Mumbai bread manufacturers come around and collect unused expired bread.

    I think that that bread is recycled into fresh bread. I have even heard that is converted into some kind of feed for livestock. Not too sure.

      1 year ago