Yankee Stadium is preparing for movie nights

The famous arena will soon be hosting a variety of movies and concerts.

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There is a long list of reasons why going to the movie theater is an enriching and overwhelmingly enjoyable experience.

Sure, taking in the latest Hollywood hit or low budget action adventure is usually the reason why people queue up to get in (unless you just like paying to sit snuggled up with strangers), but the fondness for watching movies at a theater goes far deeper.

I struggle to watch movies at home. This is partly because I have the attention span of an especially annoying child, but also due to the fact that my paltry television simply cannot perform to the same standards of a million pumping amps. Then there’s the food conundrum. Chomping through bag after bag of candy is effortless in a theater, but at home I can literally see myself expanding.

Really, there’s no better way to watch a movie than at a drive-in theater; which makes it particularly convenient that New York’s Yankee Stadium will shortly be organizing a number of movie showings and live concerts.

This July will see the stadium’s parking lot transformed into an event that has been called Uptown Drive-in. By championing the wonderfully retro art of viewing movies from a vehicle in front of an enormous screen, it is hoped that the spectacle will generate a huge interest from the community.

The event has been organized by MASC Hospitality Group (a company based in New York that also formed the Bronx Beer Festival and Bronx Night Market) and a whole festival of goodies is in the pipeline. Because snacking is an absolutely vital part of any theater visit the festival will be packed with popular street vendors and there will be a service in place that delivers treats to you.

The festival is expected to run from Fridays through to Sundays for most of the summer and include an assortment of other activities including games, raffles and date nights. Although exact specifications (including prices) are still being worked out, would you want to miss out on an evening of cinematic bliss?

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  • It is a retro art, but I'm going to half-bash it without trying it. Sitting in a cinema with 2 other people is the best.

      1 year ago