Yeast gone out of stock? Here's how you can still bake your own bread

One ingredient can't define a staple food. Especially if the staple food is bread

1y ago

Recently, I made my mother browse through the FoodTribe app. She was amazed to see the diversity of content being posted here. From quizzes and polls on food and drinks to recipe articles, this app seemed to have everything a food-maker would like. That is, until she happened to come across fellow FoodTriber Amanda’s homemade bread round-up post.

Having a competitive attitude when it comes to cooking, she asked me how to get stuff made by her on those listicles. The answer was quite simple from my side: “we just have to bake a loaf of bread by ourselves and hope Amanda comes up with another such listicle”.

Armed with the necessary ingredients like flour, salt, powdered sugar, baking powder, baking soda and buttermilk, she headed to the kitchen straight away. If you’re wondering why she didn’t include yeast in there, it is because she wanted to try something different. More honestly, the ongoing lockdown made it quite tough for us to get hold of yeast.

Still, undeterred by the non-availability of a particular ingredient, she marched on by mixing everything and making a wettish dough out of it. A light layer of oil followed on top of the dough, which was shown the door to the oven. After turning up the temperature in the oven and waiting for about 30 minutes, her homemade bread was ready!

However, on taking out the warm container, she had a frowning look on her face. Even though the bread looked good in terms of colour, it seemed a little less fluffy than what it was supposed to be. “That’s why we need yeast while making bread!” she exclaimed after taking the first bite.

The absence of yeast was felt quite majorly at the core of the bread as it lacked dryness in the area. Still, thankfully the loaf stayed strong while making a sandwich out of it and didn’t crumble as soon as we picked it up.

“Is this slice of bread worthy of getting included on Amanda’s listicles?” she asked. I took a bite of her first batch of homemade bread, and assuringly nodded. “Yes, she will include it, mum. We just have to hope not a lot of people around the world can get yeast that easily,” I joked around.

And since then, she’s been calling all shops to get hold of that yeast.

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