Y​orkshire food you have to try

I​f you come to Yorkshire, you must tick these off your list!

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Y​orkshire is renowned for its beauty and incredible scenery, but it's also got a few must haves on the food front too.

Y​orkshire Pudding

I​t had to be on this list and most are certainly aware of these beauties. Versatile in nature, they can make great accompaniments to a traditional roast dinner, yet can also be a meal in their own right, or even a dessert. The traditional item can now be seen parading as wraps and starters with various fillings. Homely and delightful, you can't go to Yorkshire without eating Yorkshire Puddings.


T​he season for unforced asparagus runs from mid-April to mid-summer, and you won't taste any better anywhere in the world. Known to provide chefs and restaurants, Yorkshire truly wins the asparagus game. Once you've tasted it, you won't be able to return to imported forcibly grown versions.

Yorkshire Curd Tart

A​ centuries-old recipe which includes shortcrust pastry and a curd filling with nutmeg, eggs and dried fruit. An old-age favourite alongside a cup of tea, these delights are commonly found in bakeries all around the county for a very cheap price. Usually the size of a mince pie, they are a great way to curb your appetite before your next Yorkshire meal!


N​orth Yorkshire's reputation in the game meat industry is top class, with hundreds of shooters heading to the county every year. The industry annually values at around £120 million for the county, due to the exceptional first class produce including grouse, partridge and pheasant; all of which are shot in October, November, December and January. The tenderness of the meat is overwhelming and easy to source in most butchers; making a wonderful roast (with your Yorkshire pudding of course).

F​ish and Chips

Three ​Yorkshire chippys have been crowned Fish and Chip shop of the year in the last seven years, so it most definitely has a place on this list. The beautiful coasts of Filey, Whitby and Robin Hood's Bay are all home to incredible portions of this warming dish, and they really are the only thing you can eat when at the beach in Yorkshire!


T​here isn't much explanation needed for this one: award-winning Wensleydale Cheese, Courtyard Dairy, Shepherds Purse etc. W​allace and Gromit was set in Yorkshire, and they certainly seemed to enjoy the cheese! I​t would be wrong to leave Yorkshire without slabs of it in your bag.

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